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NameYi-Ting Chen
Office phone number分機1232
Responsibilities1.Handling the promotion of class insurance group claims, student group insurance claims and expense write-off. Handle insurance claims for overseas Chinese students and foreign students, deal with the nationwide health insurance business, and write off expenses.
2.Apply for a part-time doctor's consultation: Assist in health consulting services, custody of medicines, medical consumables, purchases, and write-offs.
3.medical health management:
(1)Maintenance inspections and maintenance of medical equipment, hardware equipment, emergency medical supplies procurement and write-off.
(2)Infectious medical waste recycling management.
4.Promotion of Health Promotion Activities: Emergency medicine education
5.Promotion of health promotion activities:healthy position
6.Promotion of health promotion activities: sex education and AIDS prevention events.
7.Campus infectious disease prevention and control, tracking and management of campus infectious diseases.
8.Volunteers work in the health center and the operation of the work students (help volunteers to have Labor reinsurance and cancel).
Common business
1.Management of mobile health station at major events.
2. Supervision of emergency care, consultation services, general care, and emergency disaster treatments.
3. Processing of leave requests, and parking permits.
4. Maintenance of web page. Renting of wheelchairs, crutches, and first aid kits.
5. Maintenance of web page. Renting of wheelchairs, crutches, and first aid kits.
6. Supervision and mentoring of student health clubs.
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