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NameJui-Hsia Kuo
Office phone number分機:1230
Job titleStaff and Section Chief
1. Supervision and management of volunteers and part-time student jobs.
2. Planning and coordination of projects and funding.
3. Purchasing of AEDs and insurance.
4. Convene food and catering committee meeting.
5. Convene health and safety committee meeting.
6. Supervision of health promotion policies.
7. Provide accomplishment report at meetings.
8. Scheduling of activities and events for the Office of Student Affairs.
9. Provide assistance and support for the set up of mobile health station at major events..
10. Management of personal information, regulations, and SOPs.
11. Processing of projects for disadvantaged students, and the "Three Acts of Goodness" project.
12. Supervision of the University review process.
13. Maintenance and management of water fountains: Sending of reports to Ministry of Health and Welfare.
14. Management and coordination of collaborations with hospitals.
Common business
1.Management of mobile health station at major events.
2.Supervision of the set up of mobile health stations.
3. Maintenance of web page. Renting of wheelchairs, crutches, and first aid kits.
4.Supervision of the University review process.
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