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醫療物品借用Medical supplies borrow

This group provided first aid boxes, ice packs (buckets), crutches, wheelchairs, heat pack, insect repellent, mosquito ointment.

937_8a6a049b.jpgPlease carry documents to work time contact health Rental

First, the school staff, students or community events on campus while using emergency medical equipment when necessary or for medical needs to borrow medical equipment, may, in accordance with the present Measures, the Student Affairs Office to apply for health care group to borrow.

Second, The term medical device comprising:

(A) first aid kit. (B) crutches. (Iii) a stretcher. (Iv) a wheelchair. (V) the medical model. (F) hot and cold bags. (Vii) heating pad.

Third, the medical equipment borrowed way:

(A) loan Eligibility: limit school faculty students.

(B) borrow period: Every time the longest in the 7th limited.

(C) procedures for borrowing: Borrowing items fill the registration form, apply to the health care group, and keep the borrower documents.

  (Iv) return procedure:

1. If there is no damage, the return of personal documents at the time of the return of borrowed items.

2. If damaged or lost, the borrower shall be repaired or filled in three days, and then returned to the health care group, otherwise, should be according to the price compensation.

(5) When, if you fail to return as scheduled, should health care groups to renew it before the borrow period, the re-registration return date.


Fourth, the method of compensation of medical equipment:


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