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Health service / Urgent wounded and sick processing

 Guidelines for Handling Nanhua University Emergency Care
936_d3663ece.gif外傷疾病照護Trauma care disease

The group of teachers and students to provide the necessary physical discomfort and trauma treatment: assessment, injury care, health education counseling, referral and other professional services

934_b93c5e7f.gifOpening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am: 30 to 5:30 pm

935_9049d25e.gifEmergency Telephone: 05--2721001 ext. 1230 ~ 1234

Please dial the 119 ambulance
Jiaoanzhongxin: 05-272-0609
Guardhouse: 05-2721001 ext1119
  Health Care Group: 05-2721001 ext 1230-1234
Environmental Safety Group: 05-272721007ext 1340
First, the reason: schools at all levels in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Education split damage emergency treatment.

Second, use:

School-related units jointly handle emergencies quickly to protect the safety and health of workers combined.

Third, the implementation approach

(A) treatment

1, accidents and injuries, the injured person's medical group to appear immediately, or go on the spot treatment. If the patient is conscious, fracture, difficulty breathing, coma, bleeding, please call 119 requested medical assistance, and inform our medical emergency personnel rushed to the scene.

2, mild-site processing or forwarding medical group.

3, by the instructor and the relevant units of the sender, the outgoing accompanied by medical personnel to assist and inform the parents or the relevant personnel.

4, please entourage will be communicated to the patient's condition related to staff and students of medical affairs group.

Fourth, the notice

(A) Please Campus Security Reporting Center campus safety management system notified by the Ministry of Education.

(B) cases of food poisoning or infectious diseases by the Medical Group medical unit.

(C) significant occupational hazards, it should inform our environmental security center immediately.


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