Health service


Health service

 896_355e4ff4.jpgDIY 自主健康管理區DIY Autonomous District Health Management

The group provides DIY automatic height, weight, vision, blood pressure, body fat tester, welcomed the students to use their own

 897_232ef695.jpg外傷疾病照護Trauma care disease

The group of teachers and students to provide the necessary physical discomfort and trauma treatment: assessment, injury care, health education counseling, referral and other professional services
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am: 30 to 5:30 pm

Emergency Telephone: 05--2721001 ext. 1230 ~ 1234

898_2dbb9c63.jpg醫療物品借用Medical supplies borrow

This group provided first aid boxes, ice packs (buckets), crutches, wheelchairs, heat pack, insect repellent, mosquito ointment.

Please carry documents to work time contact health Rental

899_8cdb0e0c.jpg健康諮詢Health Advisory

The group of professionals to provide advice on your health, greater use of teachers and students welcome

900_29ea94c2.jpg活動救護站資源Activities ambulance station resource

Health insurance group providing ambulance resources in schools large (whole school) activities


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