Freshmen examines healthily


Freshmen examines healthily / Physical examination matters needing attention

929_518ce384.jpgPhysical examination matters needing attention

(1) do not particularly fasting before the test in order to avoid hypoglycemia.If eating your doctor can drink a small amount of water (the first three days, please bland diet).

(2) Urinalysis: Drink plenty of water before the examination. Dipstick urine within 30 seconds after the wet handed inspectors.

(3) Height and weight: take off your shoes and lay down their ackpacks.

(4) blood pressure: measuring the body should not move, do not talk.

(5) color vision: three per inspection, inspectors told the book on the graphics and figures.

(6) hearing tests: sitting listening inspectors instructions.

(7) visual inspection: do not take off glasses, sitting in front of vision, binocular align and inform inspectors inspection port number E gap direction (such as E on the right).

(8) blood per head: Approximately 10cc of blood extraction; blood will faint, please inform the staff in advance.

(9) Dental examination: the dentist to see whether any tooth decay, missing teeth and recorded.

(10) physician examination: the initiative to inform physicians and related treatment through history.

(11) X-ray: Please wear light clothing or unbuttoned shirt and nderwear to avoid metal parts, to avoid affecting the interpretation of test results and reduce the need for subjects to undress the inconvenience.

930_4dc15c42.jpg~~female students if pregnant , please inform the staff, without a chest~~
931_4c62eec2.jpg~~X-ray examination.~~

(1)backpacks and heavy clothing on the car, do not put things jacket pocket.

(2)and X-ray examination table will apply for the card, take X-ray vehicle inspection.

(3)surrender medical card. 
932_279c4f7b.jpg~~Freshman medical alert the project~~

(1)Clothing kept simple (easy physician auscultation and X-rays).

(2)before the examination in order to avoid having special fasting hypoglycemia.  
933_c6d71f27.jpg~~Check with your doctor if eating ~~

(1)Drink plenty of water before the test, mining light diet.

(2)Check the date, please do not take medicine.

(3)If the Catastrophic illness or special card, please fill out the clear statement in the examination in order to facilitate future care.

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