Freshmen examines healthily


Freshmen examines healthily


Freshmen physical examination instructions

1.Physical examination

According to the Ministry of Education, freshmen required to have the Physical examination. School especially arrangementPhysical examination in school campus for reduce Students rushing back and forth to hospital and save medical costs. (If student still want to having Physical examination at hospital, the cost is about 2000 yuan)

2. Date: 2019/09/07(sat)-2019/09/08(sun)

3. Time: Each department please follow the time table to have the Physical examination

4. Location


5-1. Do not fast before checking. If you are eating, please let the doctor know.

5-2. Carry a one-inch photos and inspection costs 690 yuan

6. Any problem just contact Nanhua University Student Affairs Healthcare nurse Shin-chieh Guo

Tel: 05-2721001 ext: 1231 

7..926_8c706b2e.gif(英文版) Freshmen medical card download (English version)

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