Freshmen examines healthily


Freshmen examines healthily


105 school year freshmen physical examination instructions

一.Medical school

According to the Ministry of Education freshmen required to undergo health checks admission, students rushing back and forth in order to reduce hospital time and save medical costs, especially in the school campus arrangements for medical activities (as contemplated by the Ministry of Education students project themselves to the hospital for medical costs about 2000 yuan)

二.Date: During October 1 Ri (Saturday) and 10 Yue 22 Ri (Saturday)

三.Time: Please follow each department to the scheduled examination time physical examination


Learn hui first floor atrium (before Changhua ATMs) Hui school and then to report back basement floor B1 line examination process

五.Note the day

1.Do not have to fast before the examination, please inform the doctor if eating.

2.Carry a one-inch photos and inspection costs 700 yuan to pay the hospital charges the day staff

六.Medical related matters just Nanhua University Student Affairs Healthcare Group Sun Shujun nurse

Tel: 05-2721001 ext: 1232 

(英文版) Freshmen medical card download (English version)

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