Group insurance


Group insurance

Students Group Insurance
1、Claims range:

It contains death, disability, major burns, hospital medical payments, accidental injury payments, major injuries, school food poisoning, with cancer the first payment and the like.

2、  Premiums

260 yuan per person per semester (Ministry of Education grant 50 yuan).

3、  Precautions for filing a claim

3-1、Last application shall be filed at the time the accident occurred within 2 years.

3-2、During the leave of absence (2 years) is still safe to enjoy the protection of sustained if you have pay insurance premiums

3-3、claims to apply: apply in person to the health care group

4、 Contact window for filing a claim

Student Affairs Office Healthcare Nurse  Miss Chen(05-2721001 ext 1232)

5、 attach the required information

Applicant's paper:
5-1.  Application Form
5-2.  ARC copy

Related documents:

5-1. medical record (a copy of the hospital to cover chapter)

5-2. receipt (a copy of the hospital to cover chapter)

5-3. The applicant photocopy of bank account passbook(Cheque change application)

5-4. legal representative to sign
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