October to November is the peak of dengue, please take precautions and pay attention to environmental control!

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Subject: In response to the ( 102 ) of indigenous dengue fever, please implement the campus, buildings, land and other places of mosquito breeding sources cleanup and regular inspections to safeguard students, faculty and the nearby public health.






First, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare 102 years months 29days Department grant illness Zi 1020203302 Letter and 102 years monthsdays ministry granted illness Zi 1020203344 Letter handle.



Second, according to the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Disease Control) epidemiological information, the ( 102 ) was popular quarter ended ninemonths date, a cumulative total of 76 cases of domestic cases. 102 years of imported cases of 177 cases.



Three confirmed cases of imported dengue fever including school staff or students during the summer vacation to participate in overseas volunteer, went to Southeast Asian countries, activities such as backpacking or visiting relatives and dengue fever. Dengue epidemic will increase.



Fourth, epidemiological data show that each year 10 months to 11 months for the peak of dengue fever, the majority of counties nationwide to recent continuous heavy rain, rain water tank caused increased mosquito density rise velocity vector mosquitoes and activities may be more active, so that the local epidemic risk climb.



Five, in view of dengue fever is about to enter the peak period for the early control of dengue fever, please implement the schools, houses, land and other places of mosquito breeding sources cleanup work, and regular inspections;



Six, about dengue mosquito breeding sources clear and relevant preventive measures information, please Trail Disease Control Department WWW (http://www.cdc.gov.tw/ ) queries, or contact the toll-free line consultation and care 1922 .



※ ※ dengue prevention advocacy

1 Size mobilize communities against dengue fever almost "dry" it!



(2) Do not waste piled debris to be discarded bottles and jars



3 buckets jars upside down in use to be stamped



4 fixed weekly pot vase water to scrub Qinhuan



5 leveled lowland water to cover the canvas to fill



6 mosquito trick - pour clean, cleanse ‧ ‧ ‧ brush clean dry cleaner



7 Do not let the rain clearing stagnant water mosquitoes around you "married"



8 no water outside the house Neicuo dengue fever unpopular Tengu



9 no water, no trick mosquito - winning trick against dengue fever!



10 To prevent dengue "dry" should be "net" 



11 breeding source to protect yourself completely removed to avoid bites



12. unused containers, cleared! Use of container, stamped !



13 fever, rash, muscle and joint acid or home care Dengue



14 mosquitoes' birthrate policy ": little bucket, pot less and less dishes, small scoop



15      fewer bottles and jars, pots discarded waste bottle scrap tire waste product life first



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