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    1. Handle freshmen health screening and public health board staff check on data archiving management.

    2. Health check and recheck track abnormal, abnormal notify recheck, treatment, referrals for medical treatment and regular follow-up survey data and specific diseases students filing, casework tracking management.

    3. Campus infectious disease prevention advocacy, the campus suffer from infectious diseases to track and manage

    4 Health Administration: 
    (a) Convening school health committees, Catering Committee 
    (2) School health care funding will compile columns 
    (3) Apply for special hospital contract matters 
    (4)Construction of health information website and maintenance 
    (5) Health care information collation and promote the health work 
    (6) to assist with contract matters restaurant

    5.  Medical Equipment Management:

    (1)Medical equipment maintenance inspection, maintenance, hardware, equipment, first aid Eisai

    (2) Management of infectious medical waste recycling

    (3) Providing first aid kit, cold heating pad, crutches and wheelchairs Health Equipment Loan Business

    6. Drinking water hygiene management: (annually months) test results presented to health authorities.

    7. Dietary health and safety management: 
    (1) The school cafeteria kitchen and the dining selling health management checks 
    (2) Organizing workshops restaurant staff health and safety

    8. Apply concurrently physician for consultation: To assist health counseling services, drug management, medical supplies custody

    9.Apply for student group insurance claims matters. Overseas Chinese and foreign students apply for National Health Insurance Business

    10.Teachers and students have skills of emergency injury treatment, health counseling, care and to assist campus observe unexpected disaster emergency treatment.

    11. To assist schools in supporting school events, outdoor activities nursing work (including holidays)

    12.Counseling Student Association-China apricot community. China apricot community health volunteers to help protect the school health education to promote work and first aid.


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