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Question How to apply for student insurance?

If you are a student of the school or a student who is insured, you may apply for student group insurance claims at NanHua’s Health Center for accidents, illnesses or hospitalizations. For the content and required documents, please refer to the website of this center.

(This accident application must be filed within two years)

This application form can be obtained in the following ways

 (1) Go to the Health Center to receive a paper application

 (2) Download the document at the Health Center’s website and print it by yourself


QuestionWhat hospitals or clinics are there in Chiayi?
Answer        Our school currently has contracted hospitals including:


There are special discounts offered by these contracted hospitals, for more info please refer to this following link:






 If a student drop out of school or is suspended, is the student still insured with the student insurance?


Drop out

Due to lack of student status, you are not entitled to the insurance (effective from the date of withdrawal)


If you haven’t pay the insurance fees, then you are not entitled to the insurance; if the insurance fees are already paid for the semester, then you will be insured to the end of the semester.

The first semester is from August 1st to January 31st of the following year.

The second semester is from February 1st to July 31st.


 Does the school provide school physician as temporary medical assistance?

AnswerTzu Chi Hospital's family doctors are on duty every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00, free medical consultation and checkup for Nanhua faculty and students.

Where is the Health Center on campus?

AnswerLocation: C112
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 0800-1700

What activities are there?

The Health Center will have occasional health seminar, health-themed activities and body checkup.

And there will also be AIDS screening, CO detection, first aid training, traditional Chinese medicine lectures, smoke-quitting courses, etc.
QuestionWhere can I complain about food and beverage hygiene issues?

You can download feedback form at the following link and email it to she_e24@nhu.edu.tw upon completion or print it out and send to the Health Center



Where can I inquire more about health problems?

AnswerThe Health Center provides health info inquires and a variety of health medical booklets for free.
Question How should I borrow crutches, wheelchair or first aid kit from the Health Center?

Please register at the Health Center and your ID will be entrusted until the item is returned

(1)     Priority will be given during emergencies.

(2)     If the borrowed item is damaged or lost, the borrower must have it repaired within three days and return it back to the Health Center, otherwise you will have to pay for the full price of the item.

(3)     If there are special reasons the item could not be returned in time, you should register again at the Health Center or inform them about it.

If the item was not returned by the end of the semester, your ID will be confiscated.


What to do if a student has an accident or physical discomfort on campus?


First aid will be provided by the nurse at the Health Center, medical treatment will be arranged if necessary.


What services are provided by the Health Center?

           a.   First aid treatment

b.       Blood pressure test

c.        Body temperature test

d.       Measurement of body weight and height

e.       Lending first aid kit, wheelchair, crutches and stretchers

f.         Freshman medical checkup

g.       Student insurance

h.       Provides lounge and breast-feeding room

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